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Thursday, November 04, 2004
Ask Jeeves Launches Local Search
Jeeves Local launched this morning, with the ability to search locally the telephone directory, maps, driving directions, local news, and weather, all via a series of tabs. It seems to work well, finding all my local pizza places quickly. It gives you the option to choose whether or not a map is displayed to the right of your search results. It's ratings feature does not seem to work. For simply finding local businesses, I like Google Local better, but Jeeves does offer a lot more easily accessible options.

Jeeves must be in a bit of worry behind the scenes. While it has been rolling out some great products lately, making itself a serious competitor in the search game, last week's earnings announcement showed that the company simply isn't earning a lot of money, and that investors have little or no confidence in the stock. Jeeves can continue rolling out good features, but it is going to need something big to prove it can hang with the big boys. Currently, Google earns over 8 times what Jeeves does, Yahoo earns almost three times them, and Microsoft is, well, Microsoft. Jeeves is looking a little small, and good products may help, but they aren't going to close the gap anytime soon.
(via Search Engine Lowdown)

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