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Thursday, November 11, 2004
Do You Worship Google?
Reading The New York Times' piece on MSN Search, I noticed this line, talking about Adam Sohn, director of sales and marketing:
But while dismissing talk of an Internet search war, Mr. Sohn acknowledged that Microsoft hoped its new search abilities might entice Web surfers who do not have what he termed a "religious" commitment to Google.
Do some web users have a religious commitment with the Googlers? When I was on Search Engine Radio this week, I was asked why some people are so loyal to Google. I cited corporate culture, but "religion" might not have been such a bad answer.

Sure people do, webmasters in particular :)

Just go take a look at a few of the larger webmaster boards, for some folks google can do no wrong and if you criticize Google in anyway a near religious debate ensues. Usually such debates are great fun ;-)
not only webMasters. GooGle IS GOD for every computerophile
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