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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Feedburner Feeds For Free
I decided to create some Feedburner feeds for both blogs. Don't worry, they don't have any ads. However, I would appreciate the usage statistics that I get with the feeds, so it would mean a lot if everyone switched over to those feeds. They still have the full posts and images. I'm not evil. Here are the links:



You'll also notice the new headline boxes, directing you to what's going on at the site you're not currently reading. I think they're pretty cool. If anyone knows a way to combine the feeds of both sites into a single Feedburner feed, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hadn't thought about it before, but I made an rss version of your feed and added it to my new toy, to see if it will work for me. I can't process atom feeds so far. If you'd rather not be syndicated on my site let me know and I'll pull the feed out.

Basically what the site is doing though is looks at what is being talked about most in feeds and then it redesigns the site on the fly to show information regarding that subject and other top subjects.
If you were really interested in doing it, I could make something that would splice the two feeds together. But it wouldn't give you the stats that feedburner does, so you'd then have to make a feedburner feed out of the feed I made. I looked around on feed burner and it didn't really look like there was any other option.

Oh and btw, my site I mentioned above processes atom feeds and rss up to 2.0 now. Searching feeds is great, gets you straight to content without having to worry about looking at a website because erroneous text contained your search term.
At some point, I plan on moving to a hosted site (probably if my AdSense revenue increases). When I do that, I can have all sorts of fun with my feeds, and then I'll put them out in all sorts of "packages".

By the way, love the site. Some people on the net are doing great things with RSS feeds, and I can't get enough of them. God knows I plug Greg Linden's findory practically every week because of how useful it is. With Yahoo looking for RSS geeks, we can expect more web apps that take advantage of RSS in ways we won't be able to live without.
Yeah, feeds are truly a great thing. I'm having a lot of fun with the site. I actually wrote a crawler of my own to discover rss/atom feeds. I don't know how far I'll let it go though. Unfortunately I don't have the resources at my disposal that the big boys do as far as disk space goes. Right now I'm just trying to make sure it behaves and I need to worry about robots.txt and all that other nasty search stuff. But anyhow, thanks for the compliment. I'm enjoying having it if nothing else for when I'm researching a current topic.

I might have a suggestion for you if you're looking to get your blog hosted off of blogspot. I'll try to look you up on AIM sometime or something.
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