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Saturday, November 20, 2004
Findory Launches Personalized Search
Greg Linden notes that Findory has begun personalizing Google search results. I say "It's about time!"

I've been very impressed with the way Findory personalizes news stories and blog posts based on what you've already clicked on. If Findory is bringing those ideas to Google search, then we are all in for a treat. Greg explains one way that it works, that if you search for a movie and click on the IMDB entry, then the next time you search for any other movie, the IMDB entry will be pushed closer to the top. Because Findory Search not only reorders Google results based on your history, but also reorders them in small, subtle ways, it is simply an improvement on an already great search engine. I know Greg may not appreciate me looking at his company this way, but I wish Google just went out and bought them. Google could integrate Findory's tech into several of its engines and that would instantly justify the purchase.

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