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Monday, November 01, 2004
Findory Launches Site Redesign
Greg Linden announces the redesign of Findory, which took place over the weekend, and I've been enjoying for the last day or so. Findory, for the uninitiated, is a powerful, smart news site that displays articles and blog posts personalized for you based on what you like to read. I love the new front page, which combines the News and Blog feeds into a single, clean, easy to use page. You can still use the regular blog and news pages, so this just means more ways of using the site. Also, Findory now has 44 different feeds, personalized RSS versions of blogs and news in every category, so you can really go crazy using Findory in your feed reader, and you can set up email subscriptions as well. You can also delete pages from your history that you accidentally clicked on, so they don't personalize the site against your preferences. If there is one caveat, it is this: You now have to refresh the site when using the back button, like a regular old site, while before the page automatically updated. All in all, more great stuff from a site I can't help but say nice things about. I hope to see great things from Findory, and encourage everyone who hasn't tried it, or didn't care for it previously, to give the new version a whirl. I suspect you'll like it.

UPDATE: Gary Price of Search Engine Watch points to an interview he recently had with Greg about Findory.

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