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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Findory Lets You Know Whats Related
Greg Linden announces that Findory has added a new feature called "Source Pages", where each source, be it news or blogs, has its own page. On that page, you can view all the recent posts, and get two lists of relations. The first is "Top Related Sources", which has the sources most similar to that page. InsideGoogle is considered most similar to: Even more interesting is "Top Related Articles". It features the articles most similar to the focus of the page. This means if you already like reading InsideGoogle, you can get a list of posts similar to mine, and thus get stories I forgot to or chose not to cover (like the porn site suing Google). As interesting as this might be to readers, it's even more useful for bloggers, since we now have a list of what we should be writing about. I know I'm bookmarking my own page, just so I can use it when I need to find something to post about. I want to get an RSS feed of my own Related Articles.

Source Pages brings us one step closer to the feature I wish Findory had more than anything, subscribed sources. I want to be able to tell Findory what I already read, so I never see that on Findory, and only get new stuff. Still I love the site, and it just keeps getting better.

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