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Monday, November 08, 2004
First Ever SEO Toolbar

Search Engine Optimization, Inc. unveiled today a toolbar that assists site owners with tracking backlinks for all the major search engines. No word on whether or not it's spyware, or if you can trust this company with regards to spam, but the toolbar is there, and seems to work well, if you need it.

This wasn't the first or best "SEOtoolbar" mine was the first..It has all the functionality of SEOinc's toolbar, and alot more features..

Beta can be found here
Here's a nice web design and seo toolbar
The SearchBliss Toolbar is nice, because it's more then just SEO.
My comment is a response to "'s" comment:

How can you claim yours is the first if it is still BETA and theirs is published?
Thank you for the informative blog
Here is some additional resources for Toolbars and included is a list with Most all toolbars now used.
Toolbar if you or your readers are interested
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theres another good one I use at ... it has some cool options not on the seoinc one
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