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Monday, November 08, 2004
Gmail Snooping In Your Inbox?
A poster on reports that his Gmail account was terminated because of suspicious files stored in his account. I am waiting on a response from Google to see if Gmail does search for what this guy had, namely cracks and key generators. Even though that sort of activity violates the TOS, it sure makes me uneasy, knowing that Gmail's bot searches for more than just ad-relevancy. Didn't Google promise us that it would never scan for content, just ads?

UPDATE: Google's Nathan Tyler responds here.

Love your site, first time posting.

Please be sure to follow up on this if you find more out. This is important to me. If Gmail is going to decide what attachments my emails can and cant have, I will be saving my emails and terminating my account myself.
So all it takes to get someone's account deleted is to mail them a few cracks? ...
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