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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Google Launches Orkut Media Center
Orkut now has something it calls Orkut Media Center, a collection of words and images that refelct on the community Orkut is trying to build. From the About page:
The orkut Media Center showcases columns and slideshows that capture the humor and irony in our everyday lives. Every week, our fearless columnists share their insights and provide life-saving advice, while our photographers offer a stunning view of the world around us.

The orkut Media Center features three areas: the Porch, Lounge and Studio. On the Porch, you can find our new and exciting columns for the week. The Lounge gives you an index of our columnists and their work, while the Studio features our photo galleries. You can click on any columnist or photographer's name to visit his or her orkut profile.

As a member, you can also join discussions about what you've read. Click on the Communities tab on your home page, then search and join any public orkut community relevant to the Media Center. Write about how it touched you, made you angry, improved your sex life, etc. While you're at it, click on a few profiles. Meet some new people. And just enjoy. =)
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