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Friday, November 19, 2004
Google Time Machine
In this thread at Webmasterworld, one guy asks why a page on his site is listed by Google as being from 1969. GoogleGuy responds:

I mentioned it to a few folks here, and I'll ask them to check it out and see if
they can get the crawl date to percolate all the way to the cached page display.

Google does not, repeat not, have a Time Machine. :)

Personally, I think he's lying. Google works on all sorts of things in Google Labs, and just because they haven't publicized the project, doesn't mean we won't see a Google Time Machine in the future, most likely two hours before Microsoft launched its time machine.

Yes, Google really IS working on Time Travel.
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Google has developed a time machine, and it works. They have already integrated a software compnent from the time machine with tools like orkut.
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