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Monday, November 01, 2004
Google Zeitgeist: Election Edition
Google Blogoscoped notes that Google has a special election edition of its Zeigeist, where it lists the most popular queries. One of the most notable stats is that for the months of January - September, Bush was more popular on the internet in every month, save the month Kerry pulled ahead in the primaries (February), and the month of the Democratic nominating convention and the Swift Boat controversy (August). Does this mean the internet loves Bush? Of course not! The five most popular issue searches all slant Kerry in the public opinion. Fact is, with only two exceptions, the internet is more united in its hatred of Bush than its love for Kerry. Much like most of Kerry's "supporters", the internet believes more in the "Anyone But Bush" vote than the Kerry vote. Google promises to update the Zeitgeist every day until the election, but the stats are already four days behind with one day to go, so its unlikely we'll get a 11/01/04 update before we have to go to the polls.

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