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Thursday, November 18, 2004
I'm Back!
I fixed my ridiculous computer, and it only took two days, a brand new 120-gigabyte hard drive, and a portable drive enclosure (thank you, CompUSA!). Now, not only is Windows stable for the first time since Google was a privately-held company, but I have a massive portable storage device to ensure I never get bored on business trips. First time the fix to a problem is actually a big plus.

Also the first time someone has worked so hard to get IE working. ;-)
If it was just IE I probably would have finally made the switch to Firefox. But it was the whole internet that was the problem. Oh well, it all worked out in the end.
I'm glad that you fixed your computer. I got told by Snowbot that this was a really exciting page and was expecting something much more exciting than a computer that didn't work because of Windows! That will teach me to listen to robotic forum posting programs! LOL

If you want to know who Snowbot is and why she was boasting about your forum then here is "her" profile page:
I'm even more glad that I fixed my computer :-)

As for Snowbot, I love her. She's a nice gal. Actually, I hadn't realized she was a she. Perhaps me and Snowbot should get to know each other better...
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