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Monday, November 01, 2004
In The News: Company Achieves High Google Ranking?
I don't get it.

Simply Wow, a trademark of Source Direct Holdings for their Cleaner/Degreaser and a stain-removing pen, sent out this press release announcing they had reached the number one result on Google.


I understand reaching number one for your trademark, especially reaching number one for the term simply wow, especially without quotes, is not easy, but a press release? Come on! Has Google become so important that press releases are now issued for search engine rankings? I guess so.

It's quite possible this is just a brilliant form of SEO. People do read press releases, and this one got picked up by Topix, which is how I found it. Get a couple of bloggers (Ahem) talking about it, and you've done a pretty decent job getting people to your site just by writing four paragraphs. Not bad.

I think it would be easy to rank #1 for the search term "simply wow," but who searches for it? The irony is that the only reason people would search for "simply wow" is because they heard of it (why would anyone search for "simply wow" if they were looking for a cleaner/degreaser?) and one reason they may have heard of it is because of this press release. It is a brilliant use of PR (getting "Google" mentioned did it), but once everyone starts doing it, it will loose it's effectiveness.
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