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Friday, November 05, 2004
InsideGoogle Haiku Contest
ciaran_h at the LiveJournal blog gets credit for coming up with our Gmail invite contest: a haiku contest! Everyone who writes a proper haiku that has anything to do with Gmail gets an invite, unless they already have one. Any haiku is okay, unless its complete crap (as determined by me), and I'll keep giving them out until I run out of invites. Enjoy, people!

ciaran_h's haiku:

Ask us for haikus
You could select some good ones
And give out invites

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Gmail invite
spooler at
should get all of them.
I'd ask for one, but,
I already have ninety
Of my own to send.

-- n00b f. nation
Gmail is real big,
Will I use it? I don't know,
But I still want one.
Another winner! Between this and the Livejournal site, I've given out a few invites already. If you want an invite, keep writing haikus. I've got plenty to hand out.
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