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Thursday, November 11, 2004
InsideMicrosoft? Maybe, Maybe...
Raghu says:
Nathan from InsideGoogle has been following with this development every minute. I felt like it has become InsideMicrosoft since last night. Anyway, in his latest post, he listed out all local MSN search betas. I'm not into Yahoo for searching, let alone Microsoft. I just want to Google around.
Ha! Nice. Not to worry, Google still occupies much of my thoughts. MSN is just the big news. Just to be sure, I picked up just in case. Anyone want to help me run it? You'll get instant readership. I could also use assistance adding MSN-related blogs to my Blogroll.

Oh boy!!! I didn't know my post would create a new blog. I just hope I won't miss any Google news from you. Otherwise, I might be the target of your blog's regular readers (including me)
Don't worry. It just means I don't have to worry too much about not having anything to post about. Microsoft never stops moving.
MSN Search is just a GUI-ed version of Google. Isn't that a pretty blue bar on the top? If google really wanted to they could just add stronger colors and their identity would be completey new!

Anyways - I'm assuming the only people who are going to be using the new MSN Search Engine are those who are forced too.. (see: MSN Users)
Why not just go for InsideSearch? (Great blog, by the way.)
Well, I don't look at either blog as a searchblog, per se'. Notice I could have called it InsideMSN or something, but it covers all MS products, from Windows to Word, much like this blog covers everything Google. To me, the mission of both blogs is to bring the power of the blogosphere to cover a million things at once in immense detail, and bring that to a more mass audience by gathering it in one place with a clear and concise voice. That's why I don't cover SEO that much, and you'll see me avoid technical details in favor of oversimplifications. If I had to use a word, I'd call this a "Consumer Blog".

By the way, I love the template I finished editing about ten minutes ago for InsideMicrosoft. Should I bring it over here?
Oh, and thanks for the compliment!
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