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Monday, November 08, 2004
Online PPC Ad Rates Increase 14%

Fathom Online's Keyword Price Index indicates that online ad rates increased 14% in just the last month, up 19 cents to $1.55. Since the rates are mostly based on demand, this is good news for the online economy. Most consumer keywords saw price increases, although broadband, wireless, investing, and autos all saw downturns. Seeing increases were consumer services, retail, mortgages and travel, with services seeing an impressive 78% hike. The average cost-per-click can range anywhere from 32 cents to $3.17. The Fathom Index is a new service, a composite of the 500 most queried words in those eight sectors, that will allow people who follow the search industry to follow trends month-over-month. The most expensive category remains mortgages at $4.31, since there is just so much money to be made from leads in that area.
(via Search Engine Watch Blog and Search Engine Lowdown)

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