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Saturday, November 27, 2004
Target Pushes Drugs
Check it out, Target has marijuana for $25.25! You know why this bothers me? Two reasons. First, there's no proper product description. Where was it grown? What additives can we expect? Where's the photo? Most importantly, how much do I get for $25.25? Also, it says "Free Shipping - when you spend $30". Always like a pusher, trying to hassle you into buying more. Thanks to reader Coolz0r for the heads-up.

UPDATE: tricia_rva2 notes in the LiveJournal comments that Target is also selling Crack for $11.66. Also, I feel like a true idiot for posting this with a misspelled title, but if I fix the misspelling, Blogger changes the URL and I lose my backlinks and referrals. Brilliant bit of programming there!

Comments on this story:

Steve Rubel: Dear Target, a PR crisis is brewing for your company in the blogosphere. Please tell me you're listening. Love, Steve
Neville Hobson: Target, is this really someting you want to be doing?
Jeremy Zawodny: Jesus Fu@%ing Christ, people. It's a stupid mistake.
Larry Borsato: Wow, you really can get more than ever at Target.

Apparently Target pulled the links, because they don't seem to be working anymore.
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