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Friday, November 19, 2004
Why Does Jeeves Display So Many Ads?
rustybrick at SEO ROundtable poses this question: If Ask Jeeves is supposed to be such an expert at finding the right answer, then why does it push the search results all the way down, past as many as ten ad results (check out this search). When Google showed up on the scene, it starting grabbing market share in huge chunks because its results were so relevant. After a while, people realized the ads they were trying to ignore were also pretty relevant. If Jeeves is loading up the first screen of search results with ads, then what reason is there for people to use their engine? Jeeves apparently has no confidence in the quality of its Teoma search results, and the ads aren't very relevant either. In some ways, Ask Jeeves seems to be saying: If our butler can't answer it, use someone else's search engine.

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