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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Why You Need Gmail

I set up POP3 access to my Gmail account, and as you can see in the screenshot above, it wasn't such a good idea. The shot above is from MSN Explorer, which I use for my Hotmail access, and I wanted to be able to use Hotmail, Verizon email, and Gmail in one screen. Not a good idea. As you can see, my inbox now has 1334 (so close!) messages in it. In Gmail, this isn't such a big deal, since I have such better options for sorting the email. But in Outlook (which is the underlying technology for MSN Explorer), it's impossible to manage that many messages. In a little over three months, Gmail changed the way I act with email, or more specifically, the amount of email I like to receive and save. I can't go back to a smaller inbox, so I need Gmail to manage the larger one. I'm not sure if I ever appreciated Gmail's labels until this very moment.

exactly... GMail's interface is much much better than outlook. I don't think many users will use outlook even if GMail is offering POP3 for free.
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