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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
AskJeeves Desktop Search Is Here
I'm installing the new AskJeeves Desktop Search as I write this (click to install), and here are some of the features from the site.When choosing options for initial indexing, Jeeves invites me to "choose wisely". Good advice for anyone looking into desktop search.

UPDATE: Well, this is a waste of time. AskJeeves Desktop Search crashes when I try to run it. I'll keep trying, but if it doesn't work, not only can't I review it, but that means the program has issues. I know its beta, but Google and MSN work fine for everybody, so why not Jeeves?

UPDATE 2: You can read my later post, since I found a crude work-around for the problem. Also, I would like to note that I was contacted by an employee from AskJeeves, and he was very interested in any information I had to help fix the bug. I was very impressed with the quick and professional response, and I advised them to start a blog :-)

Installed with no problem here. Its indexing is very fast (lightning fast compared with MSN). Like its preview pane. I've been using Google, but this will be its replacement for me unless Google comes up with some some enhancements. Since I use Outlook and not Outlook Express that's not a problem here.
Maybe it doesn't work flawlessly because everyone has been rushing to get one out the door.

It really surprises me that a very competent company like Google could take as long as they did to put out a good product that has very limited functionality. It suggests that doing desktop search well is difficult.

I'm not saying Google is perfect, but when every jimmy out there can throw up a desktop search lickity split after Google does, I become suspicious.
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