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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Bill Clinton Shills For Search Company
In what Cnet is calling the return of dot-com hype, Accoona hired former President Bill Clinton to type in the inaugural search on its new search engine. Clinton's appearance is reminiscint of William Shatner's hawking for Priceline, and similar to Microsoft's recent hiring of Jeapordy champion Ken Jennings. Is Accona any good? Gary Price weighs in.

Am I the only one wondering what he searched for?

Maybe I'm weird.
Not even close, man! I searched everywhere for info on what Clinton searched for, and came up empty. I'm every bit as curious. I wonder if they didn't want to make it public, because it was too similar to a large percentage of internet searches, if you know what I mean ;-)
Glad I'm not just weird. I looked around trying to find out what he searched for as well. It'd be interesting to know. There must be some reason they're not saying, we can't be the only two people asking the question...
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