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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
A Deep Look In How Google Search Works
ZDNet has a fascinating article based on a talk by Google's VP of engineering detailing how Google manages searches and servers all across the globe. The level of detail is amazing but still easily understood, and it is definitely worth the time it takes to read. Some tidbits: (via Greg Linden)

> Google's last complete system failure was in February 2000, and the current system makes a future one virtually impossible.

Beware of "virtually impossible" system failures. A few episodes of the History Channel's "Engineering Disasters" show might be appropriate here. :)
By no means is Google an "unsinkable ship". Google's strength comes from the fact that it has more than one ship. For Google to go down, it would be the equivelant of eight Titanics all sinking in a three day period, and to me, that is impossible.
If bad were a boot, then I'd fit it.
That's an odd comment. Care to clarify?
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