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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Filtering Corporate Email Through Gmail
rustybrick reports at SEO Roundtable that someone Shawn Hogan came up with the brilliant idea of filtering all of his corporate email through Gmail to take advantage of its spam filter. All he did was forward his email through Gmail, then pick it back up through POP, and send email through his regular corporate email account. While this is a great idea, I'm more interested in finding out how well it worked out. Did Gmail catch most of the spam? Google certainly doesn't want people using Gmail that way, but it could be a great advertisement for the spam filter.

UPDATE: Shawn responds on his blog to my question as to how succesful his idea is:
It works pretty well. So far zero false positives, and less than 1% of the spam getting through.

POP is sent in plain text. I'm sure there'd be quiet a few Net/Sys Admin's out there having a field day with confidential information being sent out into the internet.

It's a paranoid security approach, but when it comes to security, you can never be too careful.

--WaD [ - blog]
I've been doing the same exact thing for about a month. I have the Spam filtered out through GMAIL, then POP the inbox to my 2GB Yahoo MailPlus account. Works perfectly! THANK YOU EMAIL-WARS!
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