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Monday, December 20, 2004
Google Doodle IX Is Here
The irregular series of themed Google Doodles, now in its ninth iteration, has arrived, as Google Doodle IX brings a holiday theme to everyone's favorite search engine. Expect new Google Doodles every day for the next few days, starting with today's:

Yahoo also has a holiday logo:

Postscipt - When I said "everyone's favorite search engine", I didn't mean to discriminate against those who don't believe in Google.

Postpostscrips - Great, now I've basically compared Google to Jesus. That'll go over real well.

Google results will now be officially refered to as "The Truth" or "The Way" as needed. Anyone who uses MSN Search will be subject to Inquisition and may be targetted during the Search Crusades we've been organising.

Google is on our side!
All you said was that Google is everyone's favorite search engine. That's pretty much true, provided you mean "almost everyone" when you say "everyone". Or better, "almost everyone if you only count people that have an opinion." I'd say most people just use whatever's put in front of them.
Don't worry, Nathan, what you did wasn't any worse than Sara Lee's "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee" slogan.

Besides, isn't Google almost a religious phenomena anyways? What else explains the existence of this blog? ;)
And here I thought "obsession" was the reason for its existence.

Search Crusades. Hehe. I like it.

You know, when writing this post, I originally had a joke that was a Simpsons reference, but I felt it was too obscure and possibly insulting, so I went with Jesus. Improvement? Your call.

When I said Everyone's Favorite Search Engine, I meant everyone who counts...

Loves Ned Flanders!

What is the deal with the Google Logo, they usually
make some sort of sense as to a specific event but for
Christmas we get BEARS? What do stupid polar bears have
to do with Christmas? The whole thing is completely
retarded. Google FIRE the artists or get them into some
sort of treatment program, or maybe explain to them
what the Christmas holiday is even about before letting
them dream up something on their own.

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