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Thursday, December 23, 2004
Google Doodle IX.4
Google Doodle IX.4

I don't get it at all. Look at the sequence. First the bears are dancing. Then, one makes snowballs while the other builds a snow wall (fort?). Then they use a hose on the Google logo, which presumably freezes it. Now all of a sudden the logo is melting and turning the snowballs different colors? What?

I agree, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Maybe they're just like dropping off yesterday's and pretending it didn't happen or something, heh.
Maybe it's one of those special hot water hoses...

I don't know, I've got nothing.
They're making slushees.
Um, maybe it wasn't meant to be chronological.
Or maybe they're going to have a game of paintball. Er, paint-snowball.
I think there's a pretty clear progression. Just go to the page that collects them all. You'll see.

What the hell is going on, I have no idea. Paint-snowball? Hot water hoses? Crazy.
The water doesn't have to be hot. Even cold water will melt snow, as long as there's a steady supply.
Kind of a nice story, actually.

1)It's snowing! Happy bears.
2)Dad makes snowballs, kiddo makes a stand.
3)Spray down the logo to get the candy coating to run.
4)Let the candy coating soak into the snowballs.
5)Friends stop by for a snowcone treat.

The moral of the story? Google can make you money. Or something like that...

Happy Holidays!
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