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Thursday, December 09, 2004
Google Opens $300 Million Data Center In Georgia, But Its A Secret
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a story (registration required) about Google opening a new, $300 million data center in a Douglas County industrial park, but the real story is that the complex is a big secret. Google applied for no tax breaks (even though it was entitled to them), told the county economic develoment team that they could not talk about their visit or publicize the search giant's arrival, and even refuses to admit to visitors that they are even there. The building, which has 100 employees, has no sign, no logos, nothing to indicate a mega-billion dollar company has arrived. According to the article, part of the reason is that Google doesn't want the site to go down. Their data centers are their lifeblood, and Google figures its best that people don't know where they are. Well, this secret's out. Sorry, guys.
(via Search Engine Watch)

Why does Google need data centers? Just add an additional module into the Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search, GMail Notifier, etc., etc. Computers with this module installed act as Google servers... they keep a piece of the index, and they respond to queries in the normal distributed-computing way.
that's an interesting idea! if they can then make it so we can get paid then yeah! I'd do it either way, but it'd be cool to get paid too, especially since I leave all of my machines on at the office and at home.
Umm.. not exactly news..

"You probably wouldn't find this company's data center deal on its search engine, but it nonetheless deserves honorable mention for one of the top deals of 2003. It's just not exactly office space.

California-based Google Inc. last year subleased 313,000 square feet at Riverside -- The Crossings in Douglas County from Cable & Wireless USA Inc., sources told Atlanta Business Chronicle. Google uses the space as a data center."

(Note the report date on that: 16 Fed 2004)
The news is the strange secrecy, not the data center.
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