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Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Google Provides Inline European City Maps
Reader Mark O. points out that European versions of Google now have inline city map results. Search in Google UK for London, and you'll see the result pictured at right, with direct links to the city maps at two different mapping sites. One of the partners, Map24, says on their home page:
Due to the new cooperation between Google, Inc, and Mapsolute GmbH, maker of the unique mapping portal, it is now possible to search for city maps in all European Google search engines. If you enter a city name into, the first result list entry is a special link to that brings up the correspoinding city map. On the result page, for sure, the full set of the rich Map24 options is available to the users.
I prefer Map24's results to Michelin's, since Michelin requests input from the user and loads a billion cookies before agreeing to load the page.

What about Google's very own maps from KeyHole?
only some of the european versions show maps. for example slovak one doesn't
Keyhole does not have maps, just aerial photographs. Still, it would be cool if you entered a place name and got an inline result to see a photo of it.
Keyhole, while not specifically a mapping program, does have map information available. Check out:

The image half way through the page definitely has map data. And the page itself states that map data is inline with the satellite images.
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