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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
The Google Suggest Complete My Sentence Game
A poster at Slashdot points out the possibilities for fun with Google Suggest, so I suggest what I call:

The Google Suggest Complete My Sentence Game
The rules are simple: type a word or group of words that produces the funniest set of Suggestions. Examples:
Where are my...
student loans
lymph nodes
children movies
car keys
I have a l...
little shadow
little dreidel
lovely bunch of cocunuts
little sister they call her peep peep
list of folks i know
little dreidle
little list
lovely bunch of coconuts lyrics
little dreydl
little shadow that goes in and out
Do 15 million people ask Google to find their kids and 4 million ask it where their panties are? And I'm glad to know so many people are singing on the net about their dreidels/dreidles/dreydls.

Post any funny ones that you find, I'll collect the best ones.

Well, Google Glogoscoped has gone right ahead and set the standard for what craziness Google Suggest can suggest, and drawn up a nifty table that I would never steal and dump right in my own post:
Type This ...and Google suggests this
When will I ever ...use math
Where in the world is m ...marijuana legal
Is there someone ...out there for me
What time does get dark
Will I l ...lose my hair
Who said ...I have a dream
I want ...I want a hippopotamus for christmas
Who d I vote for
Is Bush ...wired
I lost m frog
When will I ...get married
Who danced ...the dance of seven veils
Why is ...the sky blue
Why is important to vote
Why is ...Mars red
I am ...bored
Will my count
My next ...job
I saw ...mommy kissing
I can't ...wait for the weekend
I really want of those
My sister is ...mean
How do you ...kiss
How do you ...make out
Is my ...boyfriend gay
Is my pregnant
Am I ...fat
How does one ...become a saint
How do people in the desert
What ...not to wear
How do I spell name in Chinese
Why is Google fast
My girlfriend ...hates me
When do I say ...I love you

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