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Friday, December 24, 2004
Googlers Grateful For Free Grubs
The San Francisco Chronicle has an article about Google's cafeteria, which provides 4,000 free meals for hungry Googlers all day. Apparently, 85% of the food is "healthy", like wheatgrass, grass-fed Angus beef, and all other sorts of organics. Hmm... I wonder if they also provide ethnic and religious foods, like a kosher or halal cafe?

Anyway, from what I've been told, Googlers like the food, but not as much as they like that its free. Some Google employees have been known to never purchase groceries anymore, getting three squares a day at the Googleplex, and making up for non-working days by eating out and ordering in. Come to Google at lunch, and don't be surprised if a large number of people who are eating there are not Google employees at all, but their family, guests, and business partners. Plenty of people who have access to the cafeteria, take advantage of it for the free food.

Well, good for them. I would too. Who doesn't want a well-prepared entirely free meal? Do you have any idea what it costs me to eat in Manhattan?

Hmm... Does Google's New York office have a cafeteria?

Glad I don't own Google stock. What a waste.
there's no cafeteria, it's catered in. as a former employee, i'll tell there's no amount of free food that can make up for the horrendous office politics and sweatshop-like working conditions
I`m a Bon Appetit employee who works in one of the kitchens in Google and I feel that because I`m Mexican that I am greatly discriminated against.I`m also forced to work a ten hour shift without any breaks.While on lunch I was harrased and forced to listen to my supervisor give me orders to finsh his job that he could`nt finsh.
And to think that this was a pleasent workday.
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