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Thursday, December 09, 2004
How Would You Run The World's Largest Search Engine?
Danny Sullivan has assembled a panel for next week's Search Engine Strategies Chicago conference that will answer the big question: If you ran search, what would you do? The fictional scenario has the five participants in charge of GooHoo! (snicker, snicker) the company that has emerged from the merger of the two largest search engines, with 97% of the market share. The basic premise? Now that you're running the whole show, and every website on earth is wholly focused on marketing through your engine, what do you do to address the concerns of site owners and eliminate spam, as well as deal with issues of controversy and questionable legality. Should be a thrilling discussion. For more information, check out the thread Danny created to ask the panelists questions. Also, rustybrick at SEO Roundtable has handicapped the field for you.

Personally, I would have called it Ask GooHooSoft!

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