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Friday, December 17, 2004
Looking For A Blogger
Since InsideMicrosoft has joined InsideGoogle as a well-trafficked blog, I think the time is ready to expand a little further. I'd like to start another blog, but I won't be writing it. In case it isn't obvious at this point, I'm building a network (and don't be surprised if everything moves to a domain in the next few weeks). So, I haven't settled on the topic of the blog (and it needn't be tech-related), but I am looking for an untapped, dedicated blogger. The blog would have to have a news focus, and be updated constantly and consistently. Feel free to suggest possible topics as well (InsideApple, InsidePolitics, InsideGadgets) that you'd like to see explored. If you know of anyone who I should consider, IM me (check the profile) or comment with contact info.

And yes, there is money involved.

I'd love to be a part of it. you can check out my blog at

adam at dailyclerks dot com
insidemobile: Blog on wireless and mobile technology.

contact: abuesber[at]gmail[dot]com

'nuff said
i'd like to see:
insideblogging - updates specific to the blog world
insideSearch -
Inside Money - how to make money on the web -- maybe a focus on Search advertising...

seems like a similar concept to the the TechTarget concept, but more focused on online products/services.
There is an Inside Blogging...
I would love to see

insidebiz - discuss stuff about small business, marketing and misc stuff related to biz




insidedeals - latest deals/coupons
how about insidelinux or insidegnome
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How about InsideProgramming, InsideDotNet, InsideCSharp, InsideVB.NET, InsideOfficeDevelopment, InsidePhotography, InsideBooks, InsideMovies ....

Peter Jausovec
if your interested in doing InsideApple - I would be a perfect candidate.

me [at]
Hi there.
I'm interested in technology, mostly the internet and AI, and have experience of both blogging and running high traffic websites. (select "Richard" to email me this way)
You may consider me as well.

My blog here - Digital Inspirationamit [at] labsup [dot] com
My gmail account has been acting suspiciously, so if you were replying to rgmurray at gmail, might want to try me at my address instead.
I would like to join too.
I'd be interested.

Just started my own blog earlier this month - you can check it out at

Topics I'd like to blog on are : insideApple (in fairness, there are already a few Apple news sites and blogs, but the Apple community is very active, so another good one would get high traffic) or insideBlogs (tips & tricks, new blogs, software, a resource for bloggers).

Email me at
Peter and EasterAngel, could you both contact me at You were the only ones I couldn't find contact info for.
Hey there Nathan.
I have been blogging for a while at Also you said you need someone who can code. Well i can code in php and some other languages. I code here and run my own custom blog software here

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