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Friday, December 03, 2004
Marqui's Cute Flash Demo

This post sponsored by Marqui

Do you want to know what exactly Marqui does? Well, they've created a Flash movie that shows what they do. The short story: Companies that use Marqui can deliver a message instantly, coordinating a press release or similar message accross various mediums (press release sites, blogs, mailing lists, newsletters, corporate websites) in perfect sync. While this is something every company has to do, Marqui's system is designed to let a small company work as well as a large one with much less staff (or, theoretically, to let a large company fire a lot of workers and let the system handle all the time-consuming work). Anyway, I encourage you to watch the Flash demo, not just because you'll get a good idea of what they do, but because its kind of funky. Is it just me, or are they ripping off the Jetsons?)

Oh, and you may notice the obnoxious border. It's so, if you really don't trust me, you know when I'm talking about Marqui's product. It won't go around posts about the program, since they may count in the program, but nobody worries about what I say there, just posts about their business. But seriously, if you don't trust me so much that you need obnoxious red borders, maybe this isn't the blog for you.

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