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Thursday, December 02, 2004
MSN Spaces Launches
You are reading both blogs, right? I've noticed that InsideGoogle, having been around longer and gotten a reputation, gets a lot more hits than InsideMicrosoft, which is growing at a decent pace. Still, I feel like anyone who only reads one blog is missing important news. Not the least of which is MSN Spaces, Microsoft's new blog tool. I've written a lot on Spaces, so I won't repeat it here, but needless to say, if you follow Google or blogging, you need to read these. You 'll find out how Spaces has integration Google can only dream of, how Spaces is going to steal serious market share, how its going to bring a lot more people into the blogosphere, and I'll even tell you who I think should switch and who should stick with Blogger and Typepad. Check it, people!

Microsoft Blogging Site Is Coming - Some background
MSN Spaces Launches - The rundown, including features and info on Spaces and MSN Messenger 7 beta.
Video Of Spaces In Action - Get a good look at Spaces without even having to go to the site!
MSN Spaces First Impressions - My first look review. A tease: Spaces is a threat to Blogger, no doubt about it.

I'm not sure how much impact this will really have. People predicted similar things for AOL Journals, (and I had an early one) but I haven't seen AOL Journals make any impact in the blogosphere. I dont' read one and I don't know of anyone who has one on their blogroll.
True, but there's one big difference between AOL and Microsoft: Microsoft plays to win.
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