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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
New MoreGoogle-- Oops, I Mean LostGoggles, Released
The latest version of MoreGoogle is now out. Of course, since Google asked them to not call it MoreGoogle (and made them surrender the domain name), it will be forever known as LostGoggles. The newest version is more Google friendly. It no longer removes the AdSense ads, although it still adds information to earn a few affiliate dollars. If you haven't heard of the program, it's a tiny DLL that makes Google display thumbnails and other added information during web searches without slowing down the browser (although the images do take a little time to load). If an related item shows up in the search, it displays lots of extra information culled from Amazon's API. All in all, a cool hack that you might want to consider. I liked it (although I eventually uninstalled it because the slower page loads weren't worth the benefits, not when my job requires lots of Google searches).
(via Search Engine Journal)

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