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Thursday, December 02, 2004
Slashdot Goes Crazy About Google Groups
Slashdot commenting on the launch:
Among the various 'improvements': ability to search by date has been eliminated, as has the ability to deep link to a single post.

Well, Slashdot is really pissed! Why is everything so mellodramatic over there? Seriously, they're acting like not having deep linking is the end of the world, and that Google is looking to eat our souls.
Damn you google!
Google just used up all its goodwill with me.
I think I can safely cross Google off my "cool geeky things" list.
Google just took a HUGE step backwards in my opinion.
Luckily the rot hasn't spread to the national Googles yet, so you can still use Google UK [] if you need it.. at least until they ruin that too.
This is a major step in the wrong direction in my book.
Hey Google: you're being evil...
This is a sad day, to see a useful tool become so f**ked up for no apparent good reason. I can only hope and pray for a reversion.
This is a disaster.
It seems that google has completely lost its sense. This is one hell of a killer mistake by google.
Never mind... for now, Goodbye Google.
Wow, it's the end of the world!

Google Announces Plans To Cut Back On Logo
Google announced today that it would eliminate the color red from its traditional blue, red, yellow and green logo, saying it wants to "focus all its efforts on making the other three colors the best they can be".

From Slashdot:
Oh no! Google is evil!
Google's crazy! How dare they tell us what colors to use!
red is so 337, goggle is 57_*)
I say good riddance!
Google is secretly caving to the CIA, who want to drive out all communist influences...
I have a secret mirror of Google, that still has the red. Viva la resistance!
This is the beginning of the end for Google. IPO greed has brought this upon us.

Craziness. That's Slashdot for you.

In fact, the whole discussion is completely useless, since you can direct link to a post! Slashdotter aridg actually decided not to rant, and discovered this:
You can still do a deep link to a single article, if you like....

Navigate to the thread, for example this [] comp.arch thread. Choose the post you want to link to, and click on "Show Options". Two of the options are "print", which is a link to a "printable" version of the article, and "Show original", which is a link to the article with all the headers.

One more step (or simple URL hack) from this display is "view parsed" which gives a friendly HTML version -- for example, try this link [].
To prove it works, here's a post I'm linking to, and here it is as a singular Groups post page. Wow, all that drama for nothing. You think they'll read that post and recant the gloom and doom? Please.

Yeah, who needs a lousy date-search for groups!

I mean, a post to a group is a post, no?
Who cares that it was created in the Early 90's.
After all, technical info never rots. Right ?

Continuing to wear thopse gOOgle-fanatical rose-colored glasses, eh?
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