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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Too Many Google Ads?
The Unofficial Google Weblog asks "Why so many ads, Google?" I've noticed that on some very popular searches, Google displays as many ads as the page will fit. I searched for domain registration, and even though I ask for 100 results per page, Google managed to have ads the whole way down. Same thing Brad Hill discovered on a search for MP3 players. Are people okay with this? It doesn't seem that way all the time, but often enough to be noticed.

As far as I'm concerned, as long as they keep them over to the right hand side like they have been, they can throw over as many as they want. I guess I'm saying as long as it doesn't clutter my search results, it doesn't bother me. If they start doing that, then darnit I'm going to make my own search engine ;)
I agree with the previous poster. It doesn't bother me because along with the top right corner I RARELY look at that part of webpages. I've learned to avoid it because its nothing but advertisements. :)
You know what's funny? When I was searching for a domain, I clicked on nothing but the ads. They were much more relevant and informative than the search results.
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