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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
(yawn) Google Toolbar (yawn) New Version (yawn)
Is there any real point in reporting this anymore?

The Google Toolbar has been updated to version 2.0.114-8, as first reported by PR Weaver. I know I have to mention this every time, on the off chance something actually changes, but this is the fifth update in four months, and only one of those updates had an actual change (Browse By Name); the rest came almost monthly. Kind of makes me wonder if these new version are simply counting the months as they pass by.

UPDATE: PR Weaver reports that Google has finally updated the revision history page. Nothing monumental there. Just a bunch of "Miscellaneous fixes and improvements" notices, except for the latest one, which says "Improved stability".

Maybe it fixes an undisclosed security vulnerability
Maybe, but with no info, its still a yawn story.
And the toolbar "What's New Page" is still listing 2.0.113 as the version. It used to be updated the day of the change.
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