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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Recommended Findory Features
I have some features I would like to see in Findory, just my two cents:

And no, my suggestions have absolutely nothing to do with my recent realization that Findory's CEO just might read them. No, not at all. No siree. Right.

Hi, Nathan. Thanks for the suggestions!

These are excellent ideas. We do hope to extend and improve the RSS feeds soon. Great idea on unifying the Findory and Blogory accounts. Rating articles (a "thumbs down" or "not interested") is something we hope to offer soon. The idea of having users vote to recategorize or correct articles is clever; we'll add that to our list.

Thanks again, Nathan! We always appreciate hearing suggestions from our readers.
Glad to help, Greg. I've been using the site for only a few days, and I'm so badly hooked. It's one of the sites I keep open the entire time I'm on the internet. Great work from you guys!
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