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Saturday, October 09, 2004
AOL Testing AOL Browser
While everyone speculates on the GBrowser, which Google has denied, AOL is quietly putting together the AOL Browser, says eWeek. AOL's browser is based on IE, not their own Netscape, which is either a collosal misstep or a brilliant way to take market share from two directions. It will feature tabbed browsing, a feaure IE could sure use. I predict a lot of IE users jumping to the AOL Browser, simply because, when it likely launches, it will be the first IE upgrade in four years, with the next upgrade not coming for at least two more.

Don't bet on too many IE users jumping ship to anything that AOL puts out there. I would not, for one, AOL is like a legalized form of virus-ware IMO. ;-)

It seems the Mozilla folks are up in arms about this too.

The whole thing really does not make too much sense. I am not sure what they are hoping to gain from this. Except that, if they are trying to add some Mozilla-like functionality to it (tabbed browsing).
I don't understand all this business about tabbed browsing. To me it's overated.

I work on an iBook (OSX 10.3, Firefox) at home and XP at work. I much prefer IE6, and it *does* have tabbed browsing. It's just that with XP, the tabs are effectively on the task bar and always visible.

On OSX I'm constantly confusing open tabs with open windows and losing track of the tab/window I want.
I don't care much for tabbed browsing either, but I'm encouraged by an upgrade to IE. I think having some windows on the taskbar and others inside the window is terribly inefficient, but any upgrade is a good thing, given how long IE has languished.
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