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Monday, October 04, 2004
Gmail Atom Feed Doesn't Work As Advertised
I haven't been able to get my new Gmail Atom Feed to work in Bloglines. Has anyone else had any luck? Perhaps this feature just isn't ready. Gmail doesn't display it anymore by me.

UPDATE - As explains, so far the feed works in FeedDemon, but not Bloglines, so it may not work with your aggregator. Can somebody write up a report of how exactly it works, maybe with some screenshots?

UPDATE 2 - As Webstractions points out in the comments, Josh Jarmin has a screen shot of it working in Sage in Firefox. He also points out Redemption In A Blog, which claims that you need to be authenticated for it to work, whatever that means, and that is why it works in certain readers. They should fix that so everyone can use it, since there seems to be a lot of excitement over it.

The Gmail atom feed has yet to appear in my gmail so think yourself lucky.
Feeds have authentication. I'm not too sure how they work but I know in RSS Bandit there's options for username and password with every feed. This means that if I wanted to password protect a feed I could do so without the public knowing every single thing. This would be useful for corporations offering feeds for support or other payment based ideas where they don't want John Q public getting the same service as a preferred customer. I think that example is lame, but companies can do what they want.

Some clients like RSS Bandit account for this, others don't and use a more public feed approach. My thought is bloglines either doesn't have authentication, or it's hidden somewhere. My girlfriend might know as she uses the service, but I've yet to have need since I like having an application that handles my feeds. It feels more personal this way.

Thanks for the explanation, Jeremy. Try as I might, it seems there's no way to authenticate with Bloglines. A real shame, since my love for Bloglines is more than any desire for a Gmail RSS feed. That is, unless we see some cool applications for it.
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