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Thursday, October 07, 2004
Google Browser speculation: Dead or Alive?
Okay, we need to have some fun. The IPO is all over with and the toolbar PR has been updated. There is nothing exciting going on right now, unless you are a book publisher or love text messaging.

John Doer, a Google board member and investor, was quoted during a speech at Web 2.0 that Google will not be entering into the web browser market. But he also adds that as new browsers come onto the market, Google's application protocol interfaces and advertising network will be there to plug into and support them.

Doerr later joked, however, that just because he was on the board of Google didn't necessarily mean he knew what they were doing.

You can infer anything you want on this. It is not a categorical denial that a Gbrowser project does exist somewhere, possibly at Mozilla where an earlier Google browser bugzilla report was removed from public view and marked private.

This could be nothing at all really or it could be something as simple as the last sentence in the quote above, "Google's (API) and advertising network will be there to plug into and support them". Google has dabbled in XUL with the folks at Mozilla before.

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