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Saturday, November 20, 2004
How Google Time Travel Works
Adam Lasnik notes in the comments (to my post about Google's time machine) that I apparently missed the news of Google Time Travel, which he stumbled on in May. I refuse to apologize. While I strive to provide the most up to date news on Google, I actually knew about the Google Time Travel (code named "Tuna Sandwich) back in June of 1992. Problem is, Google didn't even exist back then, and I was worried that announcing Google to the world before its creation would disrupt the time-space continuum and stop Google from ever existing, a lesson I learned from Michael J. Fox. As a result, I decided not to post about it until last March. Using my time machine, I posted it in the future, so no one would know about it until the time was right. That post was this post. See, I knew in March that Adam would point to his post, thus, in March, I posted a response to his comment that he wouldn't write until November about his post that he wrote in May. Got it?

my head hurts now, thanks :P
Anytime :-)
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